1) How do I make reservations with Universal Limo?

There are several simple and convenient ways to make reservations with Universal Limo. You can use our secure, 24-hour e-Reservation System, or simply call 212-279-1700 — outside the United States or Canada, call (866) 393-3777 or FAX at 718-222-5811. Travel agents can make reservations with Genisys or Sabre and Apollo Global Distribution Systems.

2) Can I use my existing international account number with Universal Limo to book online?

Definitely. Before you book for the first time, simply send the passengers name (as entered), your contact information, and the account number to [email protected].  Once you get a response from us, just specify the account number on the page with the corresponding city in relation to the passenger’s travel. The account administrator may ask for additional information, such as an employee number, so please be prepared.

3) Can I "Create a Profile” to make future on-line reservations easier?

Yes. Universal limo’s state-of-the-art e-Reservation system enables you to manage your travelers’ profiles for fast and convenient reservations. Our e-Reservation System lets you store addresses of for quick retrieval, call up billing and contact information, and establish service preferences so your travelers always receive the service they desire.

4) Is it possible to cancel or change reservations through the Universal Limo Web site?

Of course. It’s easy to cancel, modify or manage your reservations using our e-Reservation System or by telephone. Please note that the amount of advance notice required changes with each city and vehicle type. Check your confirmation message for exact times required to make an cancel reservations in regard to city and vehicle type..

5) Which International destinations does Universal Limo offer service to? Which cities and countries does Universal Limo service?

Please visit our Global Directories section on this site for a complete list of the worldwide cities we service.

Book international reservations with Universal Limo using our web, fax or telephone reservation systems. For international reservations via the Internet, we require 24-hour advance notice. If your destination city is not listed on our e-Reservation System or if you have additional booking questions, please call 212-279-1700.

6) If I don’t know my final destination, can I still book a reservation?

Yes, however you will be required to give us an approximate time of drop-off, as well as an itinerary of potential destinations along your way.

7) Why can I only get a "per hour" price estimate?

A “per hour” price is the default for the e-Reservation System when a specific price cannot be determined based on the information you provided. The actual price you are charged will be determined by the service you receive and not by the estimate.

8) The airport I am using is not available in the planning section.

Universal Limo will take you to just about any airport, even ones not listed in our e-Reservation System. If your airport is not listed, simply complete the location information by entering the Airport name in the “Name” field.

9) What types of vehicles do you have?

Universal Limo has a wide range of vehicles to accommodate all your needs. Our fleet of luxury vehicles includes the Mercedes S Class, BMW 750, Lexus LS, Lexus RX 400h Hybrid SUV, Lincoln Town Car, limousines, stretch limos, SUV's, luxury vans, motor coaches and custom luxury ambulates. Call 212-279-1700 to inquire about vehicles you don’t see listed on our site.

10) Why can't I submit my reservation request?

Please check that all required fields are filled in properly. An asterisk (*) indicates information is missing in a required field. For the form to be transmitted, the form must be filled out completely. If you have filled in all the required fields and are still having trouble, please call 212-279-1700 and for assistance with your reservation.

11) The e-Reservation System states: "The credit card expiration date must be in the future and after the trip segment(s)."

Your date of travel must be before the date of expiration on your credit card to book with our e-Reservation System. Since credit card expirations are taken in month, the credit card expiration date must be in a month following the date of service. For example, to book for January 15, 2008 requires a credit card expiration date of 02/2008 or later.

13) The e-Reservation System says, " Your session has expired due to inactivity."

To protect your privacy, data is deleted from our Web site after 2-3 hours of inactivity. When this occurs, please log back in and make a reservation.

14) Why can't I view some of the graphics on the Web site?

If you are using an older browser, it may not be possible to view the graphics on our site. The oldest browser our site supports are: Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x, Firefox 0.8, Opera 7.x, Mozilla 1.6, or Netscape Navigator 7.x — or above; browsers newer to these are preferable.

15) What if I encounter other difficulties using your Web site?

Please call 212-279-1700 to speak with our Help Desk. Please be prepared to leave a detailed message and we will return your call immediately during normal business hours.

16) How do I open an account with Universal Limo?

Simply e-mail your account request to [email protected] or use the “Contact Us” section of our site — a Sales Representative will respond to your request immediately.

17) Can I get an e-mail receipt?

Please email your request to [email protected].

18) What is the rate structure at Universal Limo?

We offer flat-rate services to and from airports and midtown locations. In North America, hourly rates are based on time or mileage (whichever is greater) — time plus mileage outside North America. We have a 2-hour minimum for hourly service that varies from city to city. The rate begins at the time the car leaves the garage until it returns to the garage.

19) How can I get a price estimate?

Instant price estimates are available via our e-Reservation system. Simply register, log in and fill out a description of your itinerary to receive an instant estimate. To complete and confirm your reservation, follow the instructions — you will receive an instant confirmation number indicating your reservation has been successfully processed.

20) What is Universal Limo’s cancellation policy?

To cancel a reservation, please call 212-279-1700 or (866) 393-3777 for calls originating outside the U.S.A. and Canada. For Cancellations, we require a minimum of 2 hours before scheduled time of pickup — for most U.S. and Canadian locations. For cancellation of International reservations, we require 24 hours notice. Cancellation policies vary and are determined by your city of service and vehicle type. Please check your confirmation for the specific policy.

21) How can I change or modify our corporate account information?

Please call 212-279-1700, a Universal Limo Sales Representative will be happy to assist you. If you do not know the name of your Sales Representative, e-mail [email protected] or visit the “Contact Us” section of our Web site.

22) Does Universal Limo provide services for weddings?

The very best. Please call 212-279-1700 for 24-hour Reservation Assistance from our Reservations Center — for reservations outside the U.S., please call (866) 393-3777.

23) Does Universal Limo accept travel agent IATA numbers for reservations?

For IATA travel agents making a first-time reservation with Universal Limo, please email [email protected].