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New Jersey Limousines

New Jersey Limousines

First-class travel - many hear of it, but how many people actually experience it? How do you know you're getting the premier treatment you deserve when you hire a company for luxury travel?

At Universal Limo we pride ourselves on first-rate arrangements with our Limousine service at New York City Airport. Whether you seek New Jersey limousines for a business outing, evening arrangements or airline travel, our specialists take care of everything. From our drivers and travel agents to our event planners - we all give outstanding quality service.

Be sure to navigate to our section devoted to road show planning because when you visit New Jersey, car service provided during our road show plans is amazing. From chilled beverages to routes planned out with expert logistics, we've got you covered.

New Jersey Car Service

New Jersey Car Service

With travel costs on the rise you need a dependable company that has the experience to make the journey worth your time and money. If your destination is New Jersey, car service by Universal Limo is a must. Our routes are planned to get you through the bustling city like never before. Our drivers are the best in the business because they adhere to our quality pledge to be the leading limousine service provider around.

Universal Domination

As a Car and Limousine Service in New York we know competition in the transportation industry is fierce, we're sure you'll find Universal Limo to be among the best luxury-class transport agencies. That's because we properly plan everything to guarantee success. New Jersey limousines, Sport Utility Vehicles and luxury sedans - you choose your level of style and sophistication for your needs and we take care of the rest.

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